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Happy Chinese New Year – The Year of the Horse

Wishing  everyone who are celebrating the Chinese New year a  prosperous year of the Horse.

According to the Lunar calendar, movable New Year  falls on 31 st of January 2014.

Innovative Chinese Horse!

Sculpture of a horse from the Chinese Zodiac , Mount Mogan Park, Zhejiang Province


Google-Doodle for the Chinese New Year 2014

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Type writer – Friday Funnies (X)


How can I pass this video without sharing it?  Brilliant !!!

Enjoy the video  as I did.

Happy Australia Day!

Today is 26th of January 2014. The whole of Australia is celebrating the Australia day with BBQ, picnic and fire works.

I wish every Australian:  traditional land owners, immigrants who has embraced Australia as their home (Just like me) and the people who were born in Australia  a very happy Australia Day!

Below is a video of primary school children singing the Australian anthem in an Aboriginal language and then in English..

Juxtaposition – Weekly Photo Challenge

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This is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge ” Juxtaposition “

Thaipoosam 2014, Singapore style!

Thai Poosam is a  Hindu festival celebrated on the first new moon of the  New Year,  around the world. Here are some beautiful photographs capturing the essence of the festival in Singapore.

Thai Poosam 2014,  Singapore


She has done this on purpose! (Friday Funnies # X)

She has done it purposely!  (Friday Funnies # X)


How do you like to entertain this geeky friend at your door?