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Ever green melodies of P.B.Srineevas remembered

My article on  PB.Srineevas was published on
21 April 2013, 9:40 pm

Memories of Yesteryears (2): P.B. Sreenivas (1930-2013)

By Saba-Thambi

P.B. Sreenivas (Sep 22, 1930-Apr 14, 2013)

Early last week when my spouse turned from the computer to give me the sad news of the veteran play back singer P.B. Sreenivas (PBS)passing away, the news didn’t hit me at that time until 48 hours later as I was listening to PBS songs as usual.

As a fan of Tamil movie melodies PBS’s soothing voice has been in the background of my growing up big time!

Baby-boomer generation of children, born between 1946 -1964 from the Indian sub-continent are accustomed to listen to songs on the short- wave radio, from a “tea-kadai” or barber saloon on their way to school unless the family was privileged enough to own a LP record player or the good old big armed His Masters Voice gramophone. This was the pre-era of audio tapes, compact discs, MP3 or MP4. Baby -boomers of that era from Jaffna heavily relied on the commercial services of the Radio Ceylon (now SLBC) and Trichy, Chennai and Vivitha Bharathi radio stations from South India for their daily dose of melodious entertainment.

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Pilgrimage Happens


Retirement and the Dreams of Children

An interesting read.

Retirement and the Dreams of Children.

Love from Kabul to Boston

Love from Kabul to Boston

The pain of grievance is understood only by the innocent civilians who are going through the ordeal.

Love for fellow human being

Buzzfeed has published seven photographs taken  among the Kabul citizens of Afghanistan.


A few quotes reflecting to understand another  fellow citizen of the world.

“If we dare to come closer to our fellow human beings, we will be able to understand them better.” – Kjell Magne Bondevik-

“I think one can achieve a very pleasant lifestyle by treating human beings, fellow human beings, very well – Rene Rivkin-

“Racism, xenophobia and unfair discrimination have spawned slavery, when human beings have bought and sold and owned and branded fellow human beings as if they were so many beasts of burden.”   – Desmond Tutu-


Life is a beaut…

Here is another post of Charlie

Life is a beaut….

Charlie Chaplin (1889 – 1977)

Today is Charlie Chaplin’s Birth Anniversary. He was born  as Charles Spencer Chaplin on the 16th of April  1889  in the United Kingdom.  In memory of the great actor of the “silent era“, below are few tributes posted on you-tube by his fans.

All the scenes are compiled from his films

Tribute 1

Tribute 2

Meet the King of Bling

An interesting article reported on BBC news (Mumbai) today about a man who has an obsession with gold!  Bombay resident is willing to fork out quarter of a million on a gold shirt. I bet he will be glowing in the dark.

“Gold goes in any gate except heaven’s”

Why spend $250,000 on a gold shirt?

By Rajini Vaidyanathan BBC News, Mumbai

Composite image showing Datta Phuge wearing his gold shirt, a gold handbag and a close-up photograph of Phuge's hands, bearing several rings

An Indian man has bought one of the world’s most expensive shirts, made with more than 3kg of gold and worth $250,000. His is an extreme case of an Indian obsession with the precious metal

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The Big Thaw and the dispersion of humanity – 2

Reblogging an interesting archealogical article  – The Big Thaw and the dispersion of humanity – 2.


Story of MELKA- an Ethiopian teenager who was forced into marriage when she was 14 years old.


‘The sad truth is that Melka’s story is not unique. In Ethiopia, it’s estimated that 60 percent of girls will be married illegally before they turn 17. And early marriage is a problem worldwide — particularly in developing countries, where 1 in 3 girls is married before age 18, and 1 in 7 before age 15.’

– World Vision

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A Canine Tale Cartoon

An Interesting Analogy