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[ Iruvar] Narumugaiye, narumugaiye…

Necessity is the mother of invention! (Friday Funnies XX)

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Kangaroo Court

Kangaroo Court! at Caversham wildlife park, Western Australia 2014


Irula tribal woman of Attappadi

Fantastic capture of black & white photography

Joshi Daniel Photography

Black and white portrait of an old Irula tribe woman of Attappadi in Palakkad district of Kerala Irula woman | Attappadi, Palakkad, Kerala, India

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Nearer to You (To tune of Nearer, my God, to Thee)

Beautiful…. and sorrowful too

Mind's Seat

Blood flowing from the Cross at Calvary
Help these blind eyes to see
Your way planned for me
Oh, draw me to Your love
To thoughts of things above
Praising You each new day
Coming nearer to You

Help me to see my pain as Your sweet gift
That through it other souls I can lift
Oh, give me Your strength to be
Light in another’s agony
Telling Your amazing story
How you set this abused captive free

When I can’t sleep at night
Pain encompassing me
Give me Your heart to see
How much You love me
Guard me in the night
’til Your morning’s light
Give me Your strength to fight
Drawing others nearer to You

Lord, please be with my wife
Watch over her
In her fear help her to see
How much you love her
Be with her as she prays
Give her Your strength each…

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A Twitter Witticism : “I think I wore it better!”

I had to reblog this tweet tweeted by Robin williams last year.
RIP Comic Genius


Mrs. Doubtfire Vs Kardarshian Mrs. Doubtfire Vs Kardarshian


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Wordless Wednesday : Snake Wine

How would you like to try this?

THE END IS NEAR – an e-mail joke

Sean is the vicar of a Protestant parish on the border of Northern and Southern Ireland.
Patrick is the priest at the Roman Catholic Church across the road.

One day they are seen together, erecting a sign which says,



As a car speeds past them, the driver leans out his window and yells,
“Leave people alone, you religious nutters. We don’t need your lectures.”
From around the next curve they hear screeching tyres and a big splash.
Shaking his head, Father Patrick says “Dat’s da terd one dis mornin’.”
“Yaa,” Sean agrees, then adds, “Do ya tink maybe da sign should just say “BRIDGE CLOSED”?