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Chasing a busy bee in different angles ( WPC: “From Every angle”)

Birds Eyeview

“Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open” -Dalai Lama-


“Cock your hat, Angles are attitudes” – Frank Sinatra –


” Imaginary time is a new dimension, at right angles to ordinary, real time.” – Stephen Hawkins


Side view of a bee, carrying pollen on his foot

Is it why that the Beauty is said to  be in the eye of the beholder?

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “From Every Angle.”

Quotes credit to :  Brainy quotes


Fresh Flower Garlands (WPC : Fresh)

Brightly coloured fresh flower garlands take an important place in Hindu Culture. whether  a happy or sad occasion, flowers take the central role in the ritual. At temples  or at  weddings, vibrant fresh flower garlands looks magnificent . In my ” Travel – Trails”  I have clicked this flower stall  at Pondicherry  (Puducheri) town in  South India.

Fresh Flower Garlands at Pondicherry, India

Vibrant colour Garlands at a flower stall at Pondicherry, India

Fresh flower stall at Pondicherry, India

Behind the stall  busy hands are engaged in  making  fresh garlands ( Pondicherry, India Feb2015)


This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Fresh.”

Photo Challenge : Last letter from Titanic

What more appropriate than theletter  written on the passenger liner “Titanic”.  The last letter was written  by the survivor Mrs. Esther Hart, 102  years ago on the 14th of April 1912.

It was written on ship’ s stationery, On board R.M.S  “Titanic”.  The letter  will be  going under the hammer soon and expected to fetch One hundred thousand pounds.

While the doomed Titanic was the last century’s mystery, spare a thought for the passengers of the Malaysian Airlines MH370.  

Would we ever be able to hear the last movements of this century’s ill-fated flight?



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WPC: Street Life of Melaka (Malacca) in Malaysia

The photos below were  taken  at the Town of Melaka  during our visit to  Malaysia in February 2014.

Melaka was ruled by Portugese, Dutch and then by English for many centuries. Each coloniser has left a mark of their own (either good or bad) in the  port city of Melaka.

Meleka reminds me so much of Sri Lanka (then Ceylon ), which was also ruled by the same three colonial rulers for over 45o years. These photos were taken in the streets of  Melaka

Photo credits: AlfietFebruary14

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Some of my  favourites from Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life.

1. Giant puppets in San Fermin Fiesta in Pamplona, Spain


Juxtaposition – Weekly Photo Challenge

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This is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge ” Juxtaposition “

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon’s Verge

Between the two worlds

life hovers like a star,

twixt night and morn,

upon the horizon’s verge.

-Lord Byron-

Horizon's Verge

Horizon’s Verge – off the coast of Western Australia (photo: alfiet March 2013)

We have always held

to the hope, the belief, the conviction

that there is a better life, a better world

beyond the horizon.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt-


Quote credits: Brainy Quotes

The above post is an entry for the: Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon.

WPC: Infinite Sun,Sky and Sea

There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed

in the infinite leisure and repose of nature.  

Henry David Thoreau


Infinite Sky, Sun & Sea

Infinite Sky, Sun and Sea (Sun set at Galle Face, Colombo, Sri Lanka -Photo: alfiet dec2011)

Only two things are infinite,

the universe and human stupidity,

and I am not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Week day mornings are busier at our house hold. Weekends are much

relaxed but the most enjoyable mornings to cherish would be during holidays.

The scene  below, was cptured by my daughter on a morning at Chittering Valley,

WA, Australia while on a farm stay.  One could see the sheep grazing behind the

chalets on an autumn morning.

Autumn Morning at a farm in Chittering Valley

Autumn Morning at a farm in Chittering Valley

Two songs came to my mind when I checked  this weeks  Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!.

The first one was the 16th century British folk song “Early one morning” – which I

learnt at my Primary school back in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

The first four lines of the song:

Early one morning,

As the sun was rising,

 I heard a maid sing,

In the valley below……

One may query the choice of song taught in a Sub-Continental country. The fact

is that Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) was a British colony for nearly 150 years!

Below is the You -Tube link for the traditional song sung by Sarah Brightman .

The second song was sung by Louis Armstrong “What a wonderful world” in the

movie ‘Good morning Vietnam’. The song was originally recorded in the late

Nineteen Sixties and later it was featured in the Eighties in the movie.


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WPC : Nature’s Tapestry Vs Man- Made Lines & Patterns

Natures lines

The entries are  in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns.

I have posted two sections for  ” From lines to pattern challenge” are as follows:

Nature’s tapestry with lines  

Man-made lines to patterns

“Nature’s Tapestry with Lines”

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Man-Made lines to patterns

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