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It’s All in the Details

The  piece written below  is on the blog “Jamesroom”. It was written for the challenge set by the Daily post.  The art of  threading the words is beautiful!

Well done James!!!

It’s All in the Details.


The first thing I had to do this morning was a blood test!  This was a follow-up examination requested by my GP well before Christmas and I have been postponing the task for more than month.  The time had come so I decided to go for it today without my first cup of coffee for the day. People could relate to their empty-stomach experience if they have done a fasting blood test.

I joined the queue of grumbling stomachs as the 11th person. It was only 8 am in the morning and the phlebotomist had reached the second on the list.  I picked my number and sat on a chair facing the television. The commentator was reading the winners of the fourth round Australian Open Tennis. After the sports news, I had lost interest. I grabbed one of the old Woman’s Weekly magazines sitting on a table next to my row of chairs.  The pages of the magazine was already falling apart indicating the previous  heavy use, carrying one time’s  hot gossip of the celebrities’ of the world. I turned my attention to the puzzle section of the magazine to pass the time. I was pleased to see a few of the sections were left for me to tackle.

A patient who had done her “blood donation” left with a big smile and said that she was getting closer by minute to reach her first caffeine fix of the day. I heard the phlebotomist joking that she wants to open a coffee shop in front of every blood centre in Perth when she retires from her current profession. That was person #6 and five more to go for my turn!

A gentleman was pacing up and down the aisle waiting to be called. He seems to be agitated whether he was scared of the thought of the needle or of his empty stomach. I remembered that in one of my previous visits, the Phlebotomist mentioned that on average the men are most scared of the needle and especially soldiers are more nervous to see blood.

Forty minutes later I was called and the technician informed me that I do not need to fast for that particular test (my coffee-fast was all in vain!). I heard her saying “pleasant thoughts” and I wondered how on earth one could have a pleasant thought when someone is ready to inflict pin prick pain on a patient. Ouch! I felt the pain and it was all finished within seconds. She placed cotton wool on the pin pricked area and secured it with a plaster. Finally I have accomplished my task which was requested by my GP and was contemplating my coffee for the day.

On my way home, I was pondering which was the lesser devil of the three?

Is it the needle, the grumbling stomach or the blood test results which will be sent to my doctor in two days time?

Let me ponder over it until I get a call from the medic.

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Have we really changed over a century?

Nowadays it is conspicuous  that a small palm gadget takes over the life of every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world. At least one in every five passerby on the street or  shopping mall (the users are growing by hour) are more likely to attracted the LCD screen on their palm.

The choice of the holder may refer the gizmo as an i-clone or a galaxy-generation etc depending on their wallet size.  This wireless thing-o-magic is more prevalent among the younger generation and becomes a mediator even among the young lovers when they are on a date!

Kip W’s photostream  has unearthed a  beautiful cartoon from “century of punch cartoon” (p164) and shared on flickr. The cartoon  was sketched during the advent of  wireless telegraphy in1906.

The caricature’s trend of the attire has changed over the years reflecting the global warming (pardon my pun) but are the grey- matters firing the same signals century a part?

Thai Pongal 2013 (தைப்பொங்கல் 2013)

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When you begin to say, it’s enough! written by Amrutha

Dear viewers,

I would like to share an article written after the tragic gang-rape incident occurred to a physiotherapy student in New Delhi.  The writer Amrutha is  trying to dissect the root cause of the problem by analysing the Indian tradition. This trait is not only in India but prevail all through the sub continent region.

Below is the link to the article as the writer has requested. This great read should be circulated  to the wider community to highlight the gender biased system. It is in the  hand of the younger generation to correct the errors.



It’s Time To Get Used To Writing 2013 Instead Of 2012!

Dear viewers

Hope you all had a happy and peaceful festive season or a well deserved end of year break. Whatever it was, one thing was sure that everyone of us have difficulty  dragging ourselves out of the festive-break to get to our daily routine.

I wish you all a grand New Year!

Hope your dreams, plans and future endeavors come true!!!

புதுபொலிவுடன் புதிய ஆண்டு பிறந்தது. நலமுடன் நல்லாசிகளுடன் வாழ்த்துக்கள் உரித்தாகுக!


Photo: Sunset at Galle Face, Colombo Sri Lanka (courtesy AlfieT2012)


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3 Jan , 2013