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Weekly Photo Challenge: Different Side of Sea


The photographs were taken off the coast of Western Australia showing the parts of Indian Ocean


Pelican at Coogie jetty off the coast of Western Australia

Pelican at Coogee jetty off the coast of Western Australia


Typical Summer evening at a Jetty

Anglers and pelicans competing for  fish! – Typical Summer evening at a Jetty



A  cargo ship off the coast of Bunbury, WA


Sun Set at  Trigg beach

Sun Set at Trigg/Sorrento  beach



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Incredible Temples of Tamil Nadu

Incredible Temples of Tamil Nadu.

Chimpanzee Art

Chimpanzee Art 

Brent  a 37- year old chimpanzee has won an online art competition by painting colours with his tongue.

The competition was organised by The Humane Society of  the United States. Brent   a retired laboratory  chimp  has won 10,000 American dollars for the Louisiana Chimp Haven Sanctuary.

The on-line competition attracted 27,000 voters and  a cheetah from Florida has won $5,000  behind the winner Brent..

Brent was unavailable for comments.

Wouldn’t be a beautiful wall paper design?

Chimpanzee Art

Winner of the online chimp art competition.
Photo credit: The Humane Society of the United States via The Independent.UK

Image provided by Chimp Haven, Inc. shows Brent, a chimpanzee at Chimp Haven in Keithville, La.

Image provided by Chimp Haven, Inc. shows Brent, a chimpanzee at Chimp Haven in Keithville, La. The 37-year-old chimpanzee paints with his tongue via the Independent, uk

The 1920s Paintings Post

Vintage Indian Clothing


Mazumdar tended to hint at nudity by draping his models in semi-transparent or wet saris, a technique that was later adopted by Indian cinema.

Hemendranath Mazumdar‘s naturalistic oils of partially clothed, vaguely erotic looking women were unsurprisingly popular in the 1920s and 1930s. He was paid large sums for his work, which often boasted titles like Wounded Vanity, Manas Kamal, Echo of Love and Lady in Blue and Gold.

In a number of paintings Mazumdar’s models are clothed in a similar manner. The plain, gold bordered saris for one (touches of gold were common in Indian paintings from this time). Where there are blouses, they are often fairly snug and brief. There are little motifs on the blouses. And there is the jewellery – gold arm bands and bracelets and in at least two here a waist chain/belt. Hair ornaments like in painting 3. And of course the feet…

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Coffee Painting


Coffee Painting.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus on depth of field

While the bee is busy  collecting honey here goes the  "click"

While the busy  bee collects honey, here goes the “click”
(Bee on a Murunga flower) – photo credit: alfiet

Mirabilis Jalapa   Four-o clock flower (நாலு மணிக் கண்டு)

Mirabilis Jalapa –  Four-o clock flower (நாலு மணிக் கண்டு)

Catharanthus  roseus -  Vinca (periwinkle) (பட்டிப் பூ)

Vinca on focus  aka  Periwinkle  – Catharanthus roseus –   (பட்டிப் பூ)

Toby our dog  focusing  on his toy wish list - The camera!

Toby our dog focusing on  the camera!  – such a poser.


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When Art Meets Science: Rabindranath Tagore and Albert Einstein.


Albert Einstein and Rabindranath Tagore. Berlin. July 14, 1930.

When Art Meets Science: Rabindranath Tagore and Albert Einstein..

The “Sari Wrap” Post


Vintage Indian Clothing

Judging by portraits in the decade, a sari style like a warp was quite popular in the 1930s. It appears to be wound once so the sari border crosses or falls around the knee and then wound again to drape the sari over the shoulder as per usual.  Often teamed with a sleeveless or cap sleeve or “mega” sleeve blouse which were popular in the decade (and a change from the long sleeves of the previous decade). Of the 1930s examples, girl in blue sari painting by  Hemen Majumdar.  Other examples: Amrita Shergil and Lady Andal.

Another example of the sari style is found in Raoul Dufy‘s 1930 painting of Interior with Indian Woman. Again the sari is wound twice, the blouse has just the hint of a sleeve (if at all).  Here the sari is pinned to the shoulder and then draped over the head. …

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Karl Goldmark – Sakuntala Overture, Op. 13 (1865)



Karl Goldmark – Sakuntala Overture, Op. 13 (1865).

“Chennai is the greatest country ever!”

“Chennai is the greatest country ever!”.