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PB Srinivas remembered for his soft gentle evergreen melodies

21 April 2013, 9:40 pm

Memories of Yesteryear (2): P.B. Sreenivas (1930-2013)

By Saba-Thambi

P.B. Sreenivas (Sep 22, 1930-Apr 14, 2013)

Early last week when my spouse turned from the computer to give me the sad news of the veteran play back singer P.B. Sreenivas (PBS)passing away, the news didn’t hit me at that time until 48 hours later as I was listening to PBS songs as usual.

As a fan of Tamil movie melodies PBS’s soothing voice has been in the background of my growing up big time!

Baby-boomer generation of children, born between 1946 -1964 from the Indian sub-continent are accustomed to listen to songs on the short- wave radio, from a “tea-kadai” or barber saloon on their way to school unless the family was privileged enough to own a LP record player or the good old big armed His Masters Voice gramophone. This was the pre-era of audio tapes, compact discs, MP3 or MP4. Baby -boomers of that era from Jaffna heavily relied on the commercial services of the Radio Ceylon (now SLBC) and Trichy, Chennai and Vivitha Bharathi radio stations from South India for their daily dose of melodious entertainment.

Kaatru Veliyidal Kannamma – Kappallotiya Tamizhan

for further reading


October 2012

English Vinglish: Sridevi is back!

It was refreshing to see Sridevi back in action after a long drought in the silver screen. The recent movie “English Vinglish” brought the legendary star back to the screen as a young mother.

To read more:

(Republished on Monsoon  : November 2012)

1 October 2012,

Nadikar Thilakam Shivaji Ganesan’s 84th Birth Anniversary

V.C. Ganesan (1 October 1928-21 July 2001)

October First 2012, is the birth anniversary of a most admired and versatile Tamil cinema actor Nadikar Thilakam Sivaji Ganesan.

South Indian weekly magazine Anantha Vikatan today tweeted a photo tribute on his birth anniversary, first of October 2012:

 For further reading:


17 July 2012

Vocalists across the Palk Straits join for a duet

A beautiful melodious song “Aval Oru Melliya Poonkaatru” rendered by two accomplished musicians is becoming popular among the You-tube viewers. Padmashree Hariharan of South India & Sarangan Sriranganathan of Sri Lanka have joined together ….

Further reading :

PS: The You Tube link quoted on the article has been discontinued after half a million views.  The new link  for the song :

April 2012

Good Friday: A Sombre day in the Christian calendar

March 2012:  Memories of yester years: kristhava keethankal

March 2012: International womens’ day


November 2011

Remembrance Day (11.11.11) – Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields

October 2011 : 

Silver Jubilee celebrations of TCC in Western Australia – 2011

Easter 2011: Easter and its traditions


December 2010:

Twenty five years of blessings

From Chennai to Perth






6 thoughts on “Saba-Thambi Articles

  1. Excellent reviews.No word to praise you.When one loves music he will be certainly a noble humble and a helpful human who may be loved by all.Thank you again.

  2. I remember those of Radio Ceylon and Binaca Geet Mala, the stunning and heart reaching voice of Amin Sayani.
    Thanks for your follow.
    It will be great days ahead for both of us.
    I recommend you to read my post ‘Greatest Musicians and Lyricists of Bollywood’, I have tried to condense it as much. It would of course take your little time.You should say if it was worth.

    • Oh I remeber those “Binaca Biscuits! “. They were major sponsors for Tamil & Sinhala radio channels. I wonder whether it is still there? Yes I will be reading your music blog.


  3. Your Blog is Beautiful and very Enjoying Kind.
    I am a Lover of PB Sriji.
    His contribution worth salutations.
    I enjoyed both the videos though I don’t understand Tamil.
    I just went back decades.
    What more can I say.
    I so much want to, but right now, I click the Follow icon.
    So that I can visit now and then.
    I welcome you to visit mine.
    Pat, Pat & Pats.

    • Thankyou for your kind words. I was listening to whole heap of PBS songs last Friday. I love his soothing voice – hope your read my article on PBS.
      will be visiting you blog soon..
      take care

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