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Musically yours, from Jaffna

It is an  old article  about a youngster from Jaffna. Hope he reaches his endeavors in due course.

SRINIVASA RAMANUJAM The Hindu Chennai, January 27, 2016


Meet Sri Lanka-based 21-year-old Thuvarakan, whose covers of Tamil songs are gaining popularity on social media.

In all his music videos, T. Thuvarakan is a picture of concentration. Playing two keyboards simultaneously, his fingers deftly search for the right note, not missing them even on one occasion. A big fan of Tamil film music, the 21-year-old’s most recent videos are that of hit Kollywood songs, including ‘Thalli Pogathey’ (Achcham Enbadhu Madamaiyada), ‘Thangamey’ (Naanum Rowdy Dhaan) and ‘Aaluma Doluma’ (Vedalam).

What’s so special, you might ask. Thuvarakan is doing all this in his nondescript room at Jaffna, Sri Lanka, where he was born and lived through three civil wars — in 1995, 2000 and 2006. And, he can play a dozen instruments, including the mridangam, tabla, morsing, violin and guitar. “Jaffna is famous for its culture. But due to the conflict, musicians here do not have access to technology like our counterparts in the Indian film industry. Of late though, the signs are encouraging; people are trying to produce their own albums and short films,” he says.

His passion for music started when he was just three. His father, a singer, was his inspiration at that time. “I started listening to Tamil film songs in my childhood. My father, who is also my first music guru, taught me the popular ‘Kanne Kalaimaane’ song,” he recalls in an e-mail interview. Soon, Thuvarakan was enrolled for mridangam classes, an instrument in which he showed promise.

In 2012, even as he struggled with his studies, he formed a music band called Vaanavil. Consisting of 18 members, the band plays Carnatic, English, Tamil and Sinhala songs. The reach of the band might be restricted, but Thuvarakan seems to be making use of social media to get noticed. “In Jaffna, we have very less media support; they do not give priority to Tamil musicians,” he writes. “We are dependent on social media to reach our talent to the world. It also helps us get exposed to different styles of music.”

After finishing his Ordinary Level Exam, Thuvarakan got a chance to use social media to his advantage. His first independent release was a song he composed for his school cricket match. Buoyed by the appreciation he received, Thuvarakan did a cover version of the ‘Yaendi’ song from Puli and uploaded it. “I got a lot of positive feedback for that,” he says. Soon, he was working on other covers of songs from hit Tamil films. The youngster, who considers Ilaiyaraaja and A.R. Rahman, as his role models, dreams of becoming a composer in the Indian music industry someday. “I will finish my university education in four years and then shift to Chennai to make my dreams come true,” he says.

Check out his work at facebook.com/T.Thuvarakan

Beautiful Shadow Story

A Hungarian Dance group named ATTRACTION has mastered the art of  story telling  using Shadows.  The You-Tube clips was taken from “The Britain’s  got Talent ” show.  The dancers amazing  performances are  packed with emotions made the audience and the  judges speechless.

The Budapest based Black & white theater company came to lime light during the London Olympics ceremony by performing various sports in the Olympic rings.

The Attraction were the winners of The Britain’s got Talent 2013  and the first  foreign act  to do so.

Hope you would enjoy the performances  as I did.


The audition Performance at the BGT

The winning performance at the BGT 2013 – The Great British montage

What does the fox say? – Ylvis the new Gangnam style

A Norwegian band Ylvis  posted their music video titled “THE FOX”  on  You-tube on the 3rd of September. The official music video went viral and has been viewed by  many millions  within a week. The foxy  song  by the Ylvisaker brothers Bard and Vegard from Bergen has reached 22.6 million viewers and growing  just ten days after the launch. In other words the whole of  Australia has watched this video in a week!


The song has captured the imagination of a grand father telling a tale to his grandson . The melody  would attract the young audience particularly the primary school children.

It is the new Gangnam style  song catapulting the Ylvis brothers to international fame. I am sure it will be echoing around the world for the days to come.

Enjoy the video as I did.

By the way  Does the fox howl? Beatrix Potter may have an answer.


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OK – Go! – This too shall pass…..

Brilliant You-tube video. One may like to call them  “Bored Engineers”, but whatever they have done has to be PRECISE  particularly the timing of the video to continue the chain reaction.

Too many activities to observe in one go ….so replay again and again.  Marvellous!

OK Go!  – this too shall pass…….



Where are you from ?? I mean where are you really from ??- Origins

The video below is taken with a sense of humour. Kudos !!!


Simulated Labour Pains

Male and Female gender have different ideas about the threshold of pain. For example the labour pain of a female has no measurement on the male-scale because they cannot experience the ordeal. Doctors indicate that the closest pain a male can undergo similar to the labour pain is passing kidney stones!

Below is a  video shows   a brave duo of male undergoing  simulated labour pains as  mother’s day gift for their partners while their partners  enjoy a cup of  coffee. One has to admire their bravery to put themselves as guinea pigs.

Perhaps it will be a good idea for the all the  Fathers-to- be to go through simulated exercise when they go with their partners for the Pre-natal classes.

The exercise  is progressive thinking and should be commended.



India Got Talent

India Got Talent

Each country has their own competition to bring out the talents of amateur artistes whether they are musicians, magicians or dancers. The competition becomes a launching pad for many successful entertainers such as Susan Boyle from Britain.

Below is a You-tube video link from India-Got -Talent  performed by Sumanth (13 years) and Sonali (7 years) .


One Pound  Fish Saga

A Pakistani immigrant  in England started a fish stall at the Queens Market,Upton Park . Mohammad Shahid Nazir lured customers  to his stall by singing a chorus  “Common ladies! Common ladies! one pound fiiishhh!!

3835310804.jpg (630×447)

One-Pound- fish-man poses at Queens market

Photo:steve Poston,  courtesy:Newham Recorder

Shahid’s  fish mongering  song attracted many people and his  entertainment was captured on a video and posted on You tube  by Colin Miller a fellow passer-by.  The video was viewed by more than 8 million viewers and Shahid became  a sensationalist  online and sealed a recording deal.

“Hitting 8 million’  news reached BBC  and Shahid  was interviewed by a BBC London  entertainment anchor.   The father of 4  who arrived in England two years ago leaving his wife and children behind has hit his greener pastures!

The X-factor reject  recorded a video album with dancing ladies and shoal of fishy-friends.   The album has already hit 18 million viewers on You-tube.  Shahid  is  fondly referred as “1-pound-fish-man” may well be the next  “Gangnam -star”

Click below to view his official video album.


PS: The latest news says  the “one- pound- fish- man” has overstayed in England and will be deported to Pakistan soon. We wish him well to overcome the obstacle.