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Can you help to identify the Jaffna gentlemen in the photo please?

Below is a photograph taken at the YMCA building in Chundikuli, Jaffna. An electronic mail is circulating around the globe among the Jaffna residents  present and past, to locate the  identities of the gentlemen on this photo.

It is believed that the photo has been taken at a  YMCA meeting in Jaffna (1952). Some faces has already been identified  and the names are given below Image

Photo originated from an old boy of St.Johns College, Jaffna  [cid:14B7F54700484618B836EAA596174949@HudsonSolomons)

Standing: Not known

Seated: (L-R)   Messrs:Veerasingam, E.J. Jeyarajah, C. E Anandarajan,  Seelan Kathirgamar,  Tommy Abraham

(names corrected after the information from MC Francis)

Does anyone know when the Jaffna YMCA building was built at the corner of Kandy road and Kachcheri Nallur Road?  YMCA building is a well-known land mark of Chundikuli to date.  The same building was also used as a makeshift Library when our dear old public library was burnt down.


June 3 2014

Here are a few answers for the  unknown names on the  photo:

The details were given by M C Francis (see comments section for the details)

Y Building: The foundation stone was laid By Hon D S Senanayake on 26th Jan 52 Completed and opened on Dec 29th 62. the person next to Anandarajan is probably Seelan Kathirkamar and not Rajan and the next is Tommy Abraham



Another landmark of  Jaffna - Town Hall in the Seventies

Jaffna Town Hall in the Seventies- Another landmark which was destroyed by the war

(This is a community post to keep the memory of  Jaffna alive for the future generation-ST)