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The Bright Orange Clivia Lily

It is spring time again in Perth, Australia.

The flowers are blooming,

Birds are chirping and the weather is getting warmer.

It is the best time to go for long walks and admire the Mother Nature.

Below are the images of Clivia lilies which I have captured  on my smart phone.

The bright orange Clivia lilies are native to South Africa also referred as kafir lilies.

Is it  is politically correct to refer as “kafir” lilies nowadays?

Clivia lily 2

Clivia lily 3

clivia Lily L1

Which is the most commonly used NOUN in the English Language?

Here is a trivia for you…

Which is the most commonly used noun in the English language?

Many Oxford  University scholars pouring over a wide range of  reading material and  came up with the conclusion,

that it is…..







(Delivered by presenter Gillian O’Shaughnessy on breakfast radio )

Just happening at Perth, Australia -World Youth scrabble Championship

World Youth Scrabble Championship 2015

World Youth Scrabble Championship 2015

Scrabble Championship 2015

Scrabble Championship  2015

WP_20151102_11_17_31_Pro WP_20151102_11_15_54_ProPlease note that most of these photos were taken from above hence the images are not clear.

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G’day From Down Under! (WPC: “Today was a good day” )

When the Northern Hemisphere is getting ready to brave the winter, Continue reading

Sculpture By The Sea – 2015

I had the opportunity view some of the exhibits at the “Sculpture by the sea” exhibition held at the Cottesloe beach, Perth, Western Australia.  It is an annual event  running for the past eleven years where the locals and international artists show case  their talents.

I have visited the shore for the first time on a midday.  Hope you will enjoy viewing the images.

1. My home is your home

‘My home is your home’ by Ken Unsworth Photo credit: Alfiet20032015

The above sculpture is  building  a bridge between two religions one singing “Hallelujah”  and  the other singing an Islamic prayer alternatively over the microphone.

'Mr. Melancholy' designed out of  a shipping container

‘Mr. Melancholy’ designed out of a shipping container Photo: saba-thambi 20/3/15


“Primodial” (photo: Alfiet200315)

"Ashes to Ashes" by Kim Perrier

“Ashes to Ashes” by Kim Perrier

5.Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes

6. Ashes to ashes


                           Nice Mangoes!



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A Little gesture that made my day!

Today is a wintry wet morning in Perth.
Traffic was hectic as everyone rushing to reach their work places.
The news on the radio wasn’t that flashy. The discussion was about the Australian Government’s secrecy of the 153 Sri Lankan asylum seekers at sea.

I was at the end of a T junction which had a “stop” traffic sign, waiting to take a right turn on to a busy main road.
A long queue of cars, including a public transport bus was waiting opposite to me to turn into my street as they have the right of way.
I knew that I will be stationary for some time to get on to the main road.
A few cars turned into my street and then the bus driver’s turn-
Out of the blue he opened his window and instructed me with his hands to go – even though it was his turn.
The driver’s kind gesture made my day and I was able to come to work on time!
Little gestures that strangers do, makes the world a better place to live!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow- Wintry Showers

Wintry evening at Sorrento beach in  Perth, Australia. Foreshadow of the next shower of the day.Foreshadow of the wintry shower

Foreshadow of the wintry shower
And there is a quarter of the Rainbow...

And there is a quarter of the Rainbow..

A visitor capturing the view

A visitor capturing the view

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Sun Bathing Kangaroos@Caversham Park

Sun bathing roos @ caversham park

From Chennai to Perth

By Saba-Thambi

April has been a good month for the Perth Tamil community playing host to three South Indian entertainers from Chennai. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia which inhabits approximately 1.9 million people. Due to the lower number of Tamil population in relation to the Eastern state counterparts, Sydney & Melbourne and the distance between the states discourage the entertainers who come to the Eastern states to visit Perth.

The month of April was exceptional in that the Tamil fans were first pleased to see Dr Padmashree Manorama, and Nahaisuvai Thendral Dindukkal I. Leonie at the Rixon Theatre, Penrhos College. It was the first visit to Australia for both of them and they were on their last lap of appearances on stage after visiting Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Dr. Padmashree Manorama

Perth fans of Ms Manorama were delighted to see their comical actor in person. Knee surgery on her legs prior to the Australian tour did not deter the comedienne from visiting the four major capital cities.

According to Ms. Manorama, she has appeared in the silver screens for the last 52 years. She was introduced to the Tamil cinema via “maalaiyitta mangai” in 1958; however her debut was somewhat in a Sinhala film. The acclaimed actor is also proud of her achievement in acting with five South Indian Chief Ministers namely C.N Annadurai, NT Rama Rao, M. Karunanithi, MG Ramachandran and Ms Jayalalitha. This incredible accomplishment by Ms Manorama will be remembered forever. The comedienne commented that she never let her age to grow and instead she let her mind and heart to mature. Her tongue-in-cheek claim was that she is still twenty six!

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