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Night Time at Melaka (Malaysia) – WPC

Glowing Tricycles in Melaka, Malaysia- January 2014

Glowing Tricycles in Melaka, Malaysia- January 2014


photo credit : alfietjan2014




This entry is in response to the photo challenge Nighttime.


WPC: Lord Muruga Monument – Malaysia

Monumental Lord Muruga at Batu Caves, Malaysia

Monumental Lord Muruga at Batu Caves, Malaysia


The photo below was taken  on our first visit to  Malaysia in  2008.  It takes 272  steps to reach the Batu caves Hindu temple. On the way up you are greeted with the  140 feet tall Lord Murugan statue.



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WPC: Street Life of Melaka (Malacca) in Malaysia

The photos below were  taken  at the Town of Melaka  during our visit to  Malaysia in February 2014.

Melaka was ruled by Portugese, Dutch and then by English for many centuries. Each coloniser has left a mark of their own (either good or bad) in the  port city of Melaka.

Meleka reminds me so much of Sri Lanka (then Ceylon ), which was also ruled by the same three colonial rulers for over 45o years. These photos were taken in the streets of  Melaka

Photo credits: AlfietFebruary14

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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Inside” the Ocean

This photo was captured  in  Pulau Payar (Payar Island  in Malaysia).

Photos Credits: AlfietFeb2014 – using under-water camera

Different world " inside" the ocean- Pulau Payar

Different world ” inside” the Ocean- Pulau Payar

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The above entry is a response to : Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside.

The WAVE- Ninth Anniversary of the Asian Tsunami 2004

2004 Indian ocean tsunami map

Today is the ninth anniversary of the Boxing Day Tsunami catastrophe which took away the lives of nearly 2.3 million.

A tremor of magnitude  9  was occurred 30 kilo meters below the seafloor when the Indian plate was thrust on to the Burma plate. This in turn  raised the sea floor by several meters. The energy released by this tremor  was estimated to the equivalent of 23000 Hiroshima sized bombs!

Most affected countries by the tsunami  were around the Indian Ocean basin including Indonesian Islands, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Maldives and Malaysia. East coast of African continent, Somalia  was also affected by this disaster.

Many of the affected countries have remembered their loved ones on the coasts of Indian Ocean today. Tsunami has left many of the survivors to pick up the pieces of their lives without their loved ones.


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Weekly Photo Challenge : Companions – Twin Towers of Malaysia

We shape our buildings

Thereafter they shape us ”  – Winston Churchill

Weekly Photo Challenge : Companion -Petronas Towers in Malaysia

Twin Towers of Malaysia

Petronas Towers of  Kuala Lumpur are the tallest twin towers in the world.  These photos were taken during our visit to Malaysia in 2008. Twin towers have 88 floors with a high speed elevator. We were fortunate to visit the sky bridge which was 170 meters above from the ground.

( photos: alfiet June 08)