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Just happening at Perth, Australia -World Youth scrabble Championship

World Youth Scrabble Championship 2015

World Youth Scrabble Championship 2015

Scrabble Championship 2015

Scrabble Championship  2015

WP_20151102_11_17_31_Pro WP_20151102_11_15_54_ProPlease note that most of these photos were taken from above hence the images are not clear.

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World Youth Scrabble Championship


Brilliant Cricket Cartoon from Daily Mail, United Kingdom

UK  Immigration  Office (Via Dailymail. com.uk)

“Witticiism over flowing” (Via Dailymail. com.uk)

Australia’s Ashes Innings at Trent Bridge (Friday Funnies)

Election Analyst Antony Green from ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) is a great number cruncher during the Australian state and Federal elections. I have watched him over the years on the TV screen during election nights with his predictions and prophecies calling the elections. I  also  recollect  that the young Green having a great crown of hair to slowly loosing it over the years.

This time Green has analysed a different set of numbers with the cricket score of Ashes 2015. As cricket lovers know that the Ashes series between Australia and the mother island England is a highly fought battle.

2015 series is not looking good for the Aussies at the old enemies’ turf.  The first day of the fourth test match started at Trent Bridge yesterday the 6th of August.   Day one of the five day match turned out to be disastrous for the Aussies. In their first innings Aussies were all out for embarrassing 60 runs in 18.3 overs in ninety four minutes.

Analyst Green has brilliantly converted the first innings timeline of disaster to a single tweet.(See below ).

Aussies timeline score for the disastrous first innings.

Aussies timeline score for the disastrous first innings.

And a photo of the day goes to ……

photo of the day

Photo of the day from Cricketopia.com

Just A Riddle

What kind of  fish has two Sodium atoms?

Pick your brain for the next 24 hours.



2 Na

Brain Training : Anti-Alzheimer Exercises

Keeping the neurons ticking will make the brain mentally active.

Here are some bits  caught on the net.

Can you find  faces on the tree

Can you find faces on the tree

E = MC2




frog & horse


Two well-known faces on the first drawing:

1.Mahatma Gandhi (India)

2. Jawarharlal Nehru (first Prime Minister of India)

Can you identify the rest….?