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Hello! How are you?

Hello! How are you?

True blue Aussie! (Friday Funnies)

A Chinese citizen decides to migrate to Australia at the age of 50.

He bought a small piece of land near Mt Isa in the region of Queensland.

A few days after moving in, a friendly Aussie neighbour decided to go across and greet the new neighbour.

On his way up the drive-way he saw the oriental man running around in his front yard chasing a few hens.

Not wanting to interrupt the Chinese customs, he decided to put the welcome on hold for another day.

Next day the neighbour decided to visit again and as he was about to ring the door bell he saw the newcomer urinate into a glass and then drinking it.

The astonished Aussie not wanting to disturb yet another Chinese custom decided to postpone his welcome for another day.

A week later the neighbour decides to try his luck again.

But as he was walking up the driveway he saw his new neighbour leading a bull down the drive way, pauses and then put an ear next to the bull’s bum.

The Aussie who couldn’t handle this goes up to the Chinese and queried,

“Common mate, what the hell is it with your oriental customs?

One day you are running around the yard after chooks, next day you are pissing in a glass and now you had your head close to that bull’s arse.

The chinese man was taken back and said

“Sorry sir! These are no Chinese customs and I am learning the new Australian customs!”

“What do you mean mate?” said the Aussie “Those are not Australian customs”

“Yes they are!”

The travel agent man said to become a true blue Aussie , I must learn to chase chicks drink piss and listen to bull shit”

(source arrived in a mail)

Brilliant Cricket Cartoon from Daily Mail, United Kingdom

UK  Immigration  Office (Via Dailymail. com.uk)

“Witticiism over flowing” (Via Dailymail. com.uk)

Australia’s Ashes Innings at Trent Bridge (Friday Funnies)

Election Analyst Antony Green from ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) is a great number cruncher during the Australian state and Federal elections. I have watched him over the years on the TV screen during election nights with his predictions and prophecies calling the elections. I  also  recollect  that the young Green having a great crown of hair to slowly loosing it over the years.

This time Green has analysed a different set of numbers with the cricket score of Ashes 2015. As cricket lovers know that the Ashes series between Australia and the mother island England is a highly fought battle.

2015 series is not looking good for the Aussies at the old enemies’ turf.  The first day of the fourth test match started at Trent Bridge yesterday the 6th of August.   Day one of the five day match turned out to be disastrous for the Aussies. In their first innings Aussies were all out for embarrassing 60 runs in 18.3 overs in ninety four minutes.

Analyst Green has brilliantly converted the first innings timeline of disaster to a single tweet.(See below ).

Aussies timeline score for the disastrous first innings.

Aussies timeline score for the disastrous first innings.

And a photo of the day goes to ……

photo of the day

Photo of the day from Cricketopia.com

Buzz Aldrin’s travel expenses to the moon!

Nowadays politicians have  big tickets for travel expenses.

Checkout how much  Astronaut Buzz Aldrin has claimed in 1969  for the flight to the moon!

It was a mere $33.31 cents.

Australian Federal Speaker of the Parliament Bronwyn Bishop and the opposition spokesman for Labor Party Tony Burke please take a note of this.

Perhaps Aldrin claimed it for the parking slot or the inflight entertainment. Dont you think that he should have included the milage as well?

My Travel voucher to the moon!

My Travel voucher to the moon! (Tweet from Buzz Aldrin @TheRealBuzz)

  Buzz Aldrin  in 1969

Buzz Aldrin in 1969

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Sculpture By The Sea – 2015

I had the opportunity view some of the exhibits at the “Sculpture by the sea” exhibition held at the Cottesloe beach, Perth, Western Australia.  It is an annual event  running for the past eleven years where the locals and international artists show case  their talents.

I have visited the shore for the first time on a midday.  Hope you will enjoy viewing the images.

1. My home is your home

‘My home is your home’ by Ken Unsworth Photo credit: Alfiet20032015

The above sculpture is  building  a bridge between two religions one singing “Hallelujah”  and  the other singing an Islamic prayer alternatively over the microphone.

'Mr. Melancholy' designed out of  a shipping container

‘Mr. Melancholy’ designed out of a shipping container Photo: saba-thambi 20/3/15


“Primodial” (photo: Alfiet200315)

"Ashes to Ashes" by Kim Perrier

“Ashes to Ashes” by Kim Perrier

5.Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes

6. Ashes to ashes


                           Nice Mangoes!



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Calvin Khan, lifesaver patrolling the Aussie beach

Asylum seekers coming to the shores of Australia on boats is a political thorn for the Australian government. It has been a pestering  issue for the past decade and still a major concern to date.

During the past few federal elections, numerous politicians played political football at the expense of the asylum seekers cum boat people. Current opposition leader of the Liberal Party, Tony Abbott  is well-known for his slogan “Stop the boats” or “Turn the boats”.

Manly beach is a well-known popular beach in Sydney, New South Wales.  Stand up comedian Nazeem Hussain gone  undercover as Calvin Kahn on “very foreign correspondent”  to make this video clip. He is  taking the mickey out of the Australian immigration laws in this You Tube  is hilarious.

Enjoy the YT posting . I did