Kamal Hassan and his tryst with classical dance

Another article on Kamal Hasan – this time touching on classical Dance

Bharathanatyam and the worldwide web

Animated Gif courtesy: http://zamaanapatsi-bollyfan.tumblr.com/

Starting sometime in August Baradwaj Rangan started a eight part series based on his interview with Kamal Hassan, and his involvement with the classical arts. The series was published in The Hindu. There are some poignant moments about dance that captured my eye. Sharing some of them here with emphasis added. Scroll down to see the links

The story of Kamal Haasan as a dancer begins when Kamal was twelve, a time his mother thought that he would be thrown out of school, the third one he was admitted in. One evening, she took him to a Kuchipudi recital in Museum Theatre. The boy, who’d grown up with Bharatanatyam, was fascinated. Kamal Haasan told me, “I think it was the exotic form of somebody dancing on a plate.” After the performance, while waiting for the bus at the stop on Pantheon Road, Kamal’s mother…

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