The 1960s in Film: Mahanagar (1963)

An interesting look at the attire worn in Bengali films 60 years sgo

Vintage Indian Clothing

Mahanagar is Satyajit Ray’s 1963 film on a housewife who becomes a working-woman due to circumstances and is a critique of traditional Bengali society as well as a changing middle class India.  I meant this to be a 1960s fashions in film post but was puzzled by parts of the film and then found that the film is set in 1955.  Nevertheless I will blog on it to show how a movie made in 1963 might look at a decade earlier. To be frank the clothing looks like a mixture of the 50s and 60s-something you would expect in the early 60s – but Ray is usually particular about details. So I will take it that even if the shifts in a decade, especially in middle class homes, are minor these are incorporated in the film. It is also a good example of what ordinary women actually wore as opposed…

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