A Little gesture that made my day!

Today is a wintry wet morning in Perth.
Traffic was hectic as everyone rushing to reach their work places.
The news on the radio wasn’t that flashy. The discussion was about the Australian Government’s secrecy of the 153 Sri Lankan asylum seekers at sea.

I was at the end of a T junction which had a “stop” traffic sign, waiting to take a right turn on to a busy main road.
A long queue of cars, including a public transport bus was waiting opposite to me to turn into my street as they have the right of way.
I knew that I will be stationary for some time to get on to the main road.
A few cars turned into my street and then the bus driver’s turn-
Out of the blue he opened his window and instructed me with his hands to go – even though it was his turn.
The driver’s kind gesture made my day and I was able to come to work on time!
Little gestures that strangers do, makes the world a better place to live!


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