Think Before Posting a Photo Online


The You-Tube link below explains why one should be cautious  when posting photos on the social media using one of the state of the art smartphones.

Take some time to watch this video to educate yourselves. You would  be surprised by the hidden informations we give away to the world.

Its well worth of your time if you posts photos online.

I learnt something new today.


To stop your iPhone giving away your location to criminals, do the following:-

1. – Go to your iPhone’s ‘Menu’;

2. – Click on ‘geo-tag/geo-location/store location’;

3. – Set to ‘Off’.

5 thoughts on “Think Before Posting a Photo Online

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing these informations! Perhaps a solution would be publishing only screen shots. In this way most informations and I don’t have to reduce the pics manually.

  2. It is really sad when you feel you can’t share even with friends and loved ones. Not that they want to cause you harm but just because these things can happen. I don’t own all those “smart” things but still need to be careful.

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