Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Week day mornings are busier at our house hold. Weekends are much

relaxed but the most enjoyable mornings to cherish would be during holidays.

The scene  below, was cptured by my daughter on a morning at Chittering Valley,

WA, Australia while on a farm stay.  One could see the sheep grazing behind the

chalets on an autumn morning.

Autumn Morning at a farm in Chittering Valley

Autumn Morning at a farm in Chittering Valley

Two songs came to my mind when I checked  this weeks  Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!.

The first one was the 16th century British folk song “Early one morning” – which I

learnt at my Primary school back in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

The first four lines of the song:

Early one morning,

As the sun was rising,

 I heard a maid sing,

In the valley below……

One may query the choice of song taught in a Sub-Continental country. The fact

is that Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) was a British colony for nearly 150 years!

Below is the You -Tube link for the traditional song sung by Sarah Brightman .

The second song was sung by Louis Armstrong “What a wonderful world” in the

movie ‘Good morning Vietnam’. The song was originally recorded in the late

Nineteen Sixties and later it was featured in the Eighties in the movie.


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14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

  1. Hello! I just found your blog, thank you for liking curiositycafe.wordpress.com. I too lived in Australia, in the 70’s, and love it, I try to visit at least every ten years. I am commenting using my rainbowspinnaker gravitar, because I can’t find out how to have a gravitar for each blog that I do, using my iPad WP app. Looking forward to visiting your blog again in the future!
    ps And you’ve recommended my friend’s blog, My Cyber House Rules!

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