Live-crab vending Machines in China

Live-crab vending Machines in China

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The live crab vending machines are the newest marketing ploy in China. The self-service machine has appeared at the capital of the Zhejiang province. China’s crab season runs during August to October and the seafood loving nation has been enticed with the new innovation.

5-10 degrees Temperature controlled machine keeps the crabs in a “sleepy state” and top it up the crabs come with appropriate side dishes such as crab vinegar and ginger tea!

The packaging itself is somewhat innovative which gives a pseudo cave effect for the ten-legged crustacean. The natural escape mechanism (self amputating its limbs to escape from the predator)  is also compromised by providing a cave. The edible container (wonder what it is made of?) could be dropped in boiling water without damaging once finger to the powerful claws of the crab. The crabs were priced at 20 Chinese Yuan (just under 3 American dollars).

The original self-service machine appeared for the first time in Nanjing Subway station few years ago but did not entice the crustacean lover as expected. One of the reasons given for the failure was that the bystanders were ogled by the innovation than actually purchasing the product thus created a loss for the owner at the end of the day.

The live crab vending machines were serving farmed crabs even though the provinces are coastal to East China Sea.

The trend may be taken up globally if the vendors were successful on their scheme!

Source : The Atlantic

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