What does the fox say? – Ylvis the new Gangnam style

A Norwegian band Ylvis  posted their music video titled “THE FOX”  on  You-tube on the 3rd of September. The official music video went viral and has been viewed by  many millions  within a week. The foxy  song  by the Ylvisaker brothers Bard and Vegard from Bergen has reached 22.6 million viewers and growing  just ten days after the launch. In other words the whole of  Australia has watched this video in a week!


The song has captured the imagination of a grand father telling a tale to his grandson . The melody  would attract the young audience particularly the primary school children.

It is the new Gangnam style  song catapulting the Ylvis brothers to international fame. I am sure it will be echoing around the world for the days to come.

Enjoy the video as I did.

By the way  Does the fox howl? Beatrix Potter may have an answer.


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8 thoughts on “What does the fox say? – Ylvis the new Gangnam style

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