The “Sari Wrap” Post


Vintage Indian Clothing

Judging by portraits in the decade, a sari style like a warp was quite popular in the 1930s. It appears to be wound once so the sari border crosses or falls around the knee and then wound again to drape the sari over the shoulder as per usual.  Often teamed with a sleeveless or cap sleeve or “mega” sleeve blouse which were popular in the decade (and a change from the long sleeves of the previous decade). Of the 1930s examples, girl in blue sari painting by  Hemen Majumdar.  Other examples: Amrita Shergil and Lady Andal.

Another example of the sari style is found in Raoul Dufy‘s 1930 painting of Interior with Indian Woman. Again the sari is wound twice, the blouse has just the hint of a sleeve (if at all).  Here the sari is pinned to the shoulder and then draped over the head. …

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