After all Einstein’s forecast was right!

English: Mobile phone evolution Русский: Эволю...

Mobile phone Evolution – credits:Wiki

April first week marks the fortieth anniversary of the very first hand-held mobile phone introduced to the world. The first call was made in front of reporters to the Bell Labs which weighed just over a kilo. The early hand-held phones offered half an hour talk time with ten hours rechargeable time. The mobile phone technology have come a long way since then and nearly every man under the sun owns a smart phone!

Have we lost something called “Social interaction” since the mobile- mutants  pitched their tents in our palms?


Dinning together to be in their own world! (source unknown)

Yes the day Albert Einstein has feared has arrived !!!


What will be in store for us in the next forty years?  Could it be that we get sick of carrying one  in our hands and opt for an implant?. The time has yet to reveal.


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