One-month-wives in Hyderabad-India

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Below is an article published in Indian express written by Sreenivas Janyala:

One of the main reason for exploitation of young girls is poverty and lack of education.

Please do spread the wrong doings  to protect  the young girls and their families.

The One month wives

Osama Ibrahim arrived in Hyderabad a month ago with very specific requirements: he wanted to marry a girl below 20; he would pay Rs 1 lakh to her family as bride price; the marriage would last a month; and that he would leave the country after a divorce.

The 44-year-old Sudanese engineer, who has a wife and two children back home, had no problem finding what he wanted. At least five brokers agreed to provide girls and families meeting his specifications. He rejected three brides-to-be, before selecting a 17-year-old.

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