One Pound  Fish Saga

A Pakistani immigrant  in England started a fish stall at the Queens Market,Upton Park . Mohammad Shahid Nazir lured customers  to his stall by singing a chorus  “Common ladies! Common ladies! one pound fiiishhh!!

3835310804.jpg (630×447)

One-Pound- fish-man poses at Queens market

Photo:steve Poston,  courtesy:Newham Recorder

Shahid’s  fish mongering  song attracted many people and his  entertainment was captured on a video and posted on You tube  by Colin Miller a fellow passer-by.  The video was viewed by more than 8 million viewers and Shahid became  a sensationalist  online and sealed a recording deal.

“Hitting 8 million’  news reached BBC  and Shahid  was interviewed by a BBC London  entertainment anchor.   The father of 4  who arrived in England two years ago leaving his wife and children behind has hit his greener pastures!

The X-factor reject  recorded a video album with dancing ladies and shoal of fishy-friends.   The album has already hit 18 million viewers on You-tube.  Shahid  is  fondly referred as “1-pound-fish-man” may well be the next  “Gangnam -star”

Click below to view his official video album.


PS: The latest news says  the “one- pound- fish- man” has overstayed in England and will be deported to Pakistan soon. We wish him well to overcome the obstacle.


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