Have we really changed over a century?

Nowadays it is conspicuous  that a small palm gadget takes over the life of every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world. At least one in every five passerby on the street or  shopping mall (the users are growing by hour) are more likely to attracted the LCD screen on their palm.

The choice of the holder may refer the gizmo as an i-clone or a galaxy-generation etc depending on their wallet size.  This wireless thing-o-magic is more prevalent among the younger generation and becomes a mediator even among the young lovers when they are on a date!

Kip W’s photostream  has unearthed a  beautiful cartoon from “century of punch cartoon” (p164) and shared on flickr. The cartoon  was sketched during the advent of  wireless telegraphy in1906.

The caricature’s trend of the attire has changed over the years reflecting the global warming (pardon my pun) but are the grey- matters firing the same signals century a part?


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