Imagining John


Beautiful “Imagine” but it is still a dream :(

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(not our great poet Flanagan)

“Imagine there’s no heaven,
it’s easy if you try.
No hell below us,
above us,
only sky. . .
Imagine all the people,
living life in peace. . .”

John Lennon.

Being an avid fan of music, I have read a lot of biographies of phenomenal figures in the industry. Interestingly, they all have unique stories to tell the world. But among them all, no one intrigues me like John Lennon does.

And I mean DOES, ‘cause up to now, I am still “squeezing” my brain; and, I am still pulling my imagination, in trying to figure—as to what’s the story behind his hallmark song, Imagine

For it touches religion, politics, dreams, and life in generalin intriguing ways. Although Beatles manipulated the airwaves, and that most of their songs topped the Billboards in the late twentieth-century, but Imagine—this song–has nailed Lennon’s legacies—both…

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Keerimalai Kerni – WPC : Humanity

“Keerimalai- Kerni”
Keerimalai Hot springs, Jaffna, Sri Lanka

"Keerimalai- Kerni" Keerimalai hotsprings, jaffna Sri Lanka

The above  shot  was taken  two years ago at  Keerimalai – Kerni  (hot springs), Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

The  hot spring pool  is a  very well known historical site in Jaffna. The springs are separated for each gender and this picture  captures the open-men-well area. The picture shows a typical day at the hot springs when public enjoys a dip.

The  wall adjacent to the ocean was open until Tsunami in 2004. Unfortunately Tsunami waves took away few lives while they were bathing in this pool. Since then the a wall has been added as a safety measure (beige colour wall)


The great soul  Mahathma Gandhi said:

“You must not lose faith in humanity.

Humanity is an ocean.,

If a few drops of the ocean are  dirty,

the ocean does not become dirty


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Queen cannot control (Friday Funnies XXII)

As the American Air Force One lands at the Heathrow Airport, President of the United States strides to a warm and dignified reception from the Queen.
They are driven in a 1934 Bentley to the edge of central London, where they change to a magnificent 300 year old carriage driven by six white horses. They continue on, towards Buckingham Palace, waving to the thousands of cheering Britons; all is going well.

Suddenly, the right rear horse lets out the most horrendous earth shattering fart ever heard in the British Empire.

The smell is so atrocious that both passengers in the carriage has to  use handkerchiefs over their noses.

The incident shakes the coach, but, the two dignitaries of State do their best to ignore the incident. The Queen politely turns to President and says:

Mr President, please accept my deepest regrets… I am sure you understand there are some things that even a Queen cannot control.”

The President, always trying to be “Presidential,” responded:

Your Majesty, do not give the matter another thought… Until you mentioned it, I thought it was one of the horses.”


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Kaakkaa Muttai – The Crow’s Egg #TIFF14


A film review of “Kaaka muttai”

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Kaakkaa Muttai (The Crow’s Egg) is the story of two young brothers who live in a Chennai slum with their mother and grandmother. Their father is in jail. Their mother (the lovely and expressive Aishwarya Rajesh) works in a small factory that produces metal bowls. The boys have been pulled out of school and spend part of each day collecting coal along the railroad tracks to sell. The film festival description says the boys first see pizza in a television commercial, but this isn’t quite the case (although I understand why this was massaged for film festival audiences).

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Vending machine and Coke (Friday Funnies XXI)

A man and his wife were getting a divorce at a local court ; but the custody of their children posed a problem.

The mother jumped to her feet and protested to the judge that since she had brought the children into this world, she should retain custody of them.

The man also wanted custody of his children, so the judge asked for his side of the story.

After a long moment of silence, the man rose from his chair and replied:

“Your Honor, when I put a coin into a vending machine, and a Coke comes out, does the Coke belong to me or to the machine?”

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